Joint PhD with Freie Universitaet Berlin


The Joint PhD program will help to train a core group of scientists who will have international research experience. The strong tradition of research and educational excellence at both institutions allows them to complement each other in the scientific frontier and the collaboration will offer its students the best in academic training and ample opportunities for exposure to different research cultures and environments.


A basic requirement is to identify suitable doctoral supervisors at The Hebrew University and Freie Universität Berlin.

A candidate must fulfill the acceptance requirements of each of the Institutes as well as the academic and administrative requirements during the studies within the Joint Doctoral program.


Students participating in the joint program will be registered as students in both institutions.


The research work will be performed under joint supervision, with one supervisor from each of the two institutions. The work will be judged according to academic standards of both institutions.


Students enrolled in the program will share their time between the two campuses in Berlin and Jerusalem. Students will spend one year in the other respective institution.

Tuition Fees

A student will pay tuition fees at the home institute only.

Degree Certificate

At the end of the program, the student will be eligible for a joint PhD awarded by the two institutions.

For More Information and Registration:

The Hebrew University: Ms. Neta Weiss – Email:

Freie Universität Berlin: Dr. Markus Edler – Email: