Joint Degrees

As part of the Hebrew University's ongoing efforts to internationalize, the Hebrew University  is developing a portfolio of joint degree programs designed to offer students a joint degree with our international partner universities worldwide. 

Students studying for a joint degree are registered at the two institutions, and divide the study time between them. The research in this track is carried out under the joint guidance of a supervisor from each institution, so that the academic work is evaluated according to the academic standards of the two institutions. Upon graduation, students are eligible for recognition of a joint degree from two international institutions or two separate degrees, according to the definitions of the particular program.

As part of the collaborations between the institutions, the students receive a diverse and multicultural work and research environment. The opportunity to create relationships with leading researchers from various institutions and gain a broad and international understanding of research processes, aiding professional development and careers in academia and beyond.
The Hebrew University today offers seven joint graduate programs with leading universities in Germany, Singapore, China, Australia, and Israel. The International Authority continues to work to expand the range of joint degrees for both Israeli and international students.

For more information, please see the information about the joint degree programs: